Gymnastics Classes at Al Qusais

Al Qusais, Star International School
Tue 4:30-6:30pm | Sat & Sun 10am-12pm
Ages 4+

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NOTE: All students must pay a 50 AED Annual Fee (one-time payment) 

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Background Information
Gymnastics classes for boys and girls starting from 4 years old to 14 years.

Beginner gymnastics classes - 1 hr x 2 days
focus on introducing and continuing gymnastic skills on beam, bars, vault, trampoline,
and tumbling. Gymnasts learn basic skills, correct form, and technique. Gymnasts in the
beginner class routinely work on forwarding rolls, straddle rolls, and cartwheels, to name
a few tumbling skills. Typically, boys and girls, ages 4-7, are enrolled in “Beginner” until
their form and skills develop. Ages 6 and older begin to separate into ability level classes
appropriate by age, gender and skill levels. Classes meet for 60 minutes.

Intermediate Gymnastics Classes - 1hr X 3 days
Gymnasts in the intermediate level show good form and technique in basic skills on
tumbling as well as the beam, bars, and vault. Intermediate gymnasts have achieved a
backbend down (from a standing position) and are working on pulling it back up to the
standing position. A backbend kick over, one-arm cartwheels, back walkover, and front
limber are a few of the skills we attempt at this level.

Advanced Gymnastics Classes 1.5hr X 3 days.
Gymnasts at this level have met the requirements for the Intermediate class and the
coach will be inviting them. Gymnasts at this level will focus on advanced skills and
competition routine skill requirements. Gymnasts fulfilling these requirements will be
eligible for interclub competitions.

Tuesday - 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Saturday - 10:00am -12:00 pm
Sunday - 10:00am -12:00 pm

Cancellation Policy 
Fees once paid comprise 30% administration and business costs and 70% tuition fees. In
line with Flip Sports Services' refund policy, upon commencement of tuition, should a
refund be requested; only the tuition fee will be refundable on a pro-rata basis for the
remaining number of lessons in the term. A written (letter or email) is required in order
to apply for a refund, stating the reason for the refund. All refunds are awarded at the
discretion/decision of the managing director.


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