SleepTalk Process Consultant & Parent Coach Shagufta Patel

Business Bay, 48, Burj Gate Tower, 1601, Corporate Business Hub
Flexible Time Slots
All Ages
AED 150

Selected Booking Option: Initial Consultation (45 mins) = 150 AED


What You Need To Know
After you book, Shagufta will call you to schedule the initial consultation based on availability. All session information, details and steps involved will be discussed on call to help the parent decide. Once the parent agrees to proceed the price of the consultation will be adjusted in the SleepTalk Process charges (not applicable to Purposeful Parenting), to make the initial call absolutely FOC.

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Background Information
Shagufta is Passionate People and Parent Coach! A mother of two, she lives with a firm belief that life does not get better by chance; it gets better by focused change. At age 37, she went on from being a home-maker of many years to a vocation woman inspiring many along the way. Her career trajectory has evolved in alignment with her zeal to ‘spark a change’ to the people she mentors & coaches.

In the corporate arena she soon realized that a degree might get u a job, but what sustains and propels you forward are the internal & external mannerisms that one possesses. These qualities not being restricted to the workplace alone are essential in all the other capacities of one’s life too.

So alongside her work, Shagufta forayed into the field of human development, where she guides people to create a change that is transformational both to the inner and outer self. Every session she offers – from Success and Essential Skills Coaching to Image Management; mBraining and Hypnotherapy to Energy Healing – is dedicated to developing and enhancing self awareness, improving and actuating permanent self-improvement, and enabling self-empowerment.

She is also a SleepTalk consultant and India’s first & only SleepTalk Trainer, whereby she has successfully offered an ethical, non-invasive and easy solution to distressed parents faced with behavioral, academic, developmental or health issues of their child /children. Her experience is spread across working with clients singularly or in groups where her strength as a coach comes from her enthusiasm to help create happier families!

- Certified Hypnotist,DaveElmanHypnosisInstitute,USAandtheUKHypnosisAcademy
- Certified Sleep-Talk Consultant, Goulding Institute (Australia)
- Certified Trainer for SleepTalk Process, Goulding Institute (Australia)
- Certified mBIT Coach, mBIT International, Australia
- Certified Practitioner of NLP, School of Excellence, India
- Certified Image Consultant, Image Consulting Business Institute, India
- Professional Diploma In Essential Skills & Success Coaching, Image Consulting Business Institute, India - Certified AFT Quantum Energy Healing Facilitator, AFT Academy, Singapore
- Pranic Psychotherapy & Crystal Healing Course Participant, Pranic Healing Foundation, Phillipines
- Certified REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Counselor
- Certified DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Counselor
- Journey and Limitless Living Practitioner in Training

Typical Availability
Saturday – Thursday – 11.00 am to 8.30 pm

The SleepTalk is a Proven Parents’ Solution that builds the child’s self-esteem and emotional resilience such that they are better able to deal with whatever situations they later face in life.

Over the last 40 years The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® empowers parents’ to overcome challenges & improve negative behaviour or habits of their children. It is a 100% safe, non-intrusive and ethical solution for parents to use in the safety and comfort of their home while their child or children are asleep and without disturbing the sleeping child.

Positive change can start to become apparent after only a few weeks of implementation & it is called the 2-minute Gift that lasts a lifetime.

Details of Service
The SleepTalk Consultation is taken up with the parents in three phases.

Phase 1 – The Foundation
Phase 1 is where the consultant meets the parent to discuss the confidential case history of the child and share the foundational statements.
Improves Children’s Anxiety, Happiness, Self Esteem & Confidence.

Phase 2 – The Bridge
Phase 2 is the feedback session and the time to introduce the bridging statement.
Corrects Children’s Poor Habits, Separation Anxiety, Sibling Rivalry & Temper Tantrums

Phase 3 – Specific Statements
Phase 3 is where specific statements are developed & introduced keeping in mind the ‘primary area of need’ for the child.
Addresses Children’s Development & Major Behavioural Issues, Speech, Sleeping, Toileting or Eating Disorders. (Ideal for children on the spectrum of ODD – ADHD – OCD - Autism)

Cancellation Policy
No Cancellations or Refunds of booked sessions. Rescheduling is possible.


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