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What you need to know
Nightingale's baby massage classes are provided by our very own Lead Midwife, Malin Ghavami. We offer group classes or one-to-one session at your home or in our Health Hub. | After you book, Malin will get in touch with you to confirm your space. | This is a 4 week Baby Massage course for mothers and babies from birth to age one. The course will cover the entire body of the baby using both Swedish and Indian strikes and give benefits as helping with colic, sleep, soothing, teething. It is also a lovely opportunity for mums to get together and meet other mums with babies in similar age. | Access to breastfeeding room, baby changing and coffee provided.

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Background Information
Nightingale's baby massage classes are provided by our very own Lead Midwife, Malin Ghavami. We offer group classes or one-to-one sessions at your home or in our Health Hub.

The class is running over 4 weeks, 1 session a week of 60 minutes:

Classes consist of:

1st - Legs & Feet
2nd - Tummy
3rd - Chest, Arms & Hands
4th - Face & Back

Did you know a gentle and loving massage can do wonders for your newly born? Here are some of the amazing benefits of Baby Massage:

RELIEF Provided you know how to massage a baby, you’ll notice that this activity soothes your little one. This is because a newborn massage moves the trapped wind and provides relief from colic while improving digestion. It’s also a non-medical way of providing relief from teething pain.

RELAXATION During a massage, your baby’s body produces a hormone called oxytocin, which is a “feel good” hormone that helps lower stress levels. This aids in balancing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and improving your baby’s appetite. Also, a newly born baby massage makes your little one feel cared for. When they feel their needs are being met, they are less likely to respond strongly to stressful situations. This lowers the production of cortisol.

STIMULATION & DEVELOPMENT Done properly, a massage of a newborn baby can: Help cope with stimuli: Babies are new to everything this world has to offer. A baby massage stimulates brain-to-body communication and helps the nervous system to mature. This can prevent colic and unsettledness caused by overstimulation. Provide cardiovascular benefits: A tender and skilled baby massage increase cardiac output and blood flow through the body.

Strengthen the lungs: A smooth and gentle baby massage promotes respiration, encouraging deeper breathing. This not only strengthens the lungs but also helps with the baby’s gastrointestinal function.

DEEPER, STRONGER BOND Let’s not forget that your baby was in constant contact with the womb for around nine months. Suddenly,


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