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Background Information
Maths Tuition Kip McGrath
Our maths tutors can provide your children with the very best assistance to help them achieve their full potential. If your child needs help with Maths, the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Dubai Knowledge Village Park is here to help. We tutor children from the age of 6 to 18 in all aspects of the Maths curriculum. After an initial assessment which will identify any areas of concern, your child will follow an individual education programme designed to address any areas of weakness and enable them to achieve their academic goals.

How we teach Maths
Many students feel uncertainty about their mathematical ability or have a fear of maths. At Kip McGrath our aim is to build confidence through the use of strategies which involve both teaching for understanding (using problem solving, etc.) and an element of rote-learning of mathematical facts. We break down maths concepts into relatively small chunks and ensure that students have fully mastered each one before going on to the next step. Our private tuition aims to iron out any confusion and bring your child up to a comfortable level which allows them to achieve their academic goals.

Our maths tutors can provide your child with professional tutoring that will build their confidence and knowledge in Maths.
Basic Number Skills
Mental Maths
Times Tables
Algebra Grammar
Problem Solving
Time Reading
Money Handling
Place Value Measurement
Maths Grinds
Exam preparation/IGCSE & SATS/Study Skills
Maths Grinds


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