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Miles teaches History, Ancient History and English up to A-Level. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

NOTE: Prices for university-level tuition vary based on the nature of the request

Background Information
Miles is a private tutor with six years of experience, five of which have been with professional agencies where he has registered 1000+ hours of tuition. He achieved a First Class Honours degree in History from University College London and is undertaking an MSc in the History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. His tutoring career has ranged from accepting residential placements abroad, operating alongside household staff and creating online educational courses, to teaching English and History to students aged between 4 to 18. He has had particular success with improving essay writing, with all three of his English GCSE students last academic year managing to raise their grades by at least three levels.

Miles’ tutoring style consists of taking a conceptual and creative approach to tuition. Very rarely does he teach content-based classes – a tutor is required to do what a book cannot. Instead, he cultivates the underlining skill sets of his students to help them achieve their highest potential.

2020 – 2022           London School of Economics and Political Science
                               MSc History of International Relations
                               First Year (73%)

2017 – 2020           University College London
                               BA History
                               First Year (72%), Second Year (68%), Third Year (76%)

2016 – 2017           Culver Academies – Culver Military Academy
Awards                   One of eleven nationally selected students to be awarded the                                           English Speaking Union Scholarship ($55,000) to attend an               
                                American High School as a postgraduate student

2009 – 2016           Wymondham College
A-Levels                 English Literature (A), History (A), Psychology (A)

Professional Agency Experience - 1000+ hours experience
2021 – Present         
St Paul’s, History
Providing enriching history classes to a Y5 student fascinated by History

2021 – Present
History and English
Providing History and English tuition for young man wishing to meet the required grades for his top university choice, with a particular focus on exam technique and essay structure

2021 – Present
London Oratory School, English
Great to teach the younger brother of a past student. Within three months we boosted his English grade by 3 levels to a grade 8

2021 – Present
International: China, English
A Shanghai-based student aiming to apply to UK schools for Y9 entry, focus on raising his English reading and writing level to match his peers

2021 – Present
Latymer, English and History
An outgoing girl with ADHD aimed to increase her grades in GCSE English and History. Within 1.5 months she moved from a grade 6 to 8 in English and 3 to 6 in History. I continue to provide support into her A Levels

International: China, 11+
A Beijing-based student aiming to apply to UK schools within the next five years

Harrow School, History Coursework
After working through six coursework drafts the student achieved 100% in his coursework, bumping up his overall grade to an A*

2020 – Present
International: Hong Kong, English
A well-rounded student seeking to improve written style, widen vocabulary and become more confident in English

2020 – Present
Notting Hill Prep School, ISEB & 11+
An outgoing and creative student with dyspraxia who wanted to prepare for the 11+. Within the last year she has moved from achieving 24% in the 11+ to consistently achieving 70% or above, resulting in her successful admission to her top school choice

Highgate School, History
A level 8/9 GCSE student requested content classes to cover her Y10 syllabus

Highgate School, History
Following a difficult time adapting to online lesson due to COVID, a level 8/9 GCSE student requested content classes to cover her Y10 syllabus

2020 - 2022
Fulham Prep School, ISEB, 11+ & 13+
Successfully designed a two-week intensive English language course (14h p/w) to prepare an international student (Beijing) for an entrance exam. Within two weeks his grade rose from 40% to 75% and gained entry into his first-choice school. I continue to prepare him for the ISEB Pre-Test, 11+ and 13+ exam

International: Russia, EFL
A young Russian boy who wanted to improve his speaking, writing and reading in English

2019 – 2020
Holland Park School, English
After over a year of tuition I helped this student with Asperger’s to raise his grade from a level 4 to a 7

Wetherby School, 11+
Introduced a young student to the 11+ to provide the foundations to succeed in the exam

2019 – 2020
Wellington College, History
Wanted intellectually stimulating History classes over the summer months to prepare for his first year at Wellington

2019 – 2020
London Oratory School, English
A passionate young scientist and mathematician was predicted a 4 at the beginning of Y11 and, after consistent tuition throughout the year, achieved an 8 in his English Literature final exam

2018 – 2019
Wetherby School, English
An intelligent young man who struggled with English as more Science focused

Courses, Education Sector Experience
EFL Course - EFL Guest Teacher for a Russian-Based EFL School
Regular online guest teacher to the school and tasked with designing classes to supplement the curriculum

7+ Course - 14 Week Course – Four Cohorts
Successfully designed a 14-week 7+ English course focusing on creative writing and comprehension. The course was re-commissioned with four groups of students over a 4-month period in the run-up to the 7+ exam

EFL Course - EFL Tutor for a Prestigious Russian Culinary School
In this role, Miles delivered weekly online English language classes to fifteen Russian students aged between 6-12 years old who were taking part in a professional Harry Potter themed cooking class.

St Matthias Primary School - Homework Assistant
Provided pro-bono homework support to Y3-6 students at a CoE Primary School in Earl’s Court for an academic year

Essay Writing Course - Week Essay Writing Course
Designed a popular essay writing course for American students at Culver Academies, USA.

Cancellation Policy
Our standard cancellation policy is that cancellations within 24 hrs may still be charged at the full rate. It is at the discretion of the tutor, and the circumstances are taken into consideration. We tend to advise tutors to give the benefit of the doubt to the client in the first instance, and politely remind them, then they are fully in their right to charge for repeat offenses, but they must notify the client they will do so so it isn't a surprise bill.


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