UrbanCircle is an online platform connecting families in UAE with a wide range of kids-related institutes and service-providers making it a go-to-source for families whenever they need help. That is why there are many benefits of joining UrbanCircle for you as a potential partner company such as:

  • Free marketing and a totally new sales channel to bring you leads: you can focus on your core business, while we take care of your marketing and online presence.
  • Maximizing the utilization of your staff which will make your business more profitable and enable you to potentially grow and expand your business.
  • Accessing untapped customer segments such as new-movers to Dubai, visitors or simply families who might visit the site for another service but then see your company offerings and get interested.
  • Promoting your company and service providers and build your reputation.

Please send us an email via info@urbancircle.ae and we will take it from there. OR you can fill out our short form here at BECOME A PARTNER link on our homepage. We are looking for those like-minded partner companies who have a passion for what they do. If you are one of them, we should proceed very quickly. After the face to face meeting we send you a list of information we need to upload your offerings to the platform. Once you send those and they are verified we upload the information and we are good to go.

Yes, to ensure everyone is protected and all roles and responsibilities are clear, we will jointly be signing our Sales Partnership Agreement. Parents also need to accept Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy in order to use UrbanCircle for their bookings.

Sure – you get to choose which services or staff you would like to promote in UrbanCircle and you can change your offerings as you wish including new staff/services or send us an email at info@urbancircle.ae to disable status of your service providers that get fully booked. When they have available hours, you can e-mail us again to enable their status on the portal.

There’s no membership or subscription fee for Institutes as we are at the process of building our circle of partner companies. Only when you get bookings through UrbanCircle, you would pay a small percentage as commission.

Pricing is at the total discretion of companies as long as you are not charging more than what you are charging at any other sales channel or direct sales. However, we advise that you keep your prices competitive to get more business, especially when you are a new joiner and as you build up a reputation within the UrbanCircle community with more bookings and high ratings then you can consider revising if and when necessary.

When families make bookings via UrbanCircle they can choose to pay at delivery or pay online. If they pay online, we will transfer the funds to you and if they pay at delivery, you’ll be responsible to pay due commissions to us, both settled on a monthly basis.

When a family makes a booking, you will get a real-time email with family details (name, phone number, email etc.) and booking details (time, duration, kids’ ages and the address if it is an at home service). Then you will be expected to call them to make the necessary arrangements such as scheduling if needed. We also oversee the whole process as UrbanCircle and support you and the family throughout.

There are so many benefits for you to keep transactions registered within UrbanCircle:

  • More transactions within UrbanCircle means that you are a preferred company within our community and that definitely increases your chances to get more new business
  • You will rank higher in the search engine, another factor which will increase your chances of getting business
  • Last but not least, this is part of the Sales Partnership Agreement. UrbanCircle aims to build a community of trust and we trust that we everyone will benefiting from being part of our community. It’s important to keep all of your bookings on the UrbanCircle platform for the Trust and Safety of yourself and other members. UrbanCircle has the right to remove partners that don’t comply with this rule.

The information you provide about the course should be clear and concise, with some details about your Institute, the content, for which children (what level) the course will be fit for, why the child should join for this course, whether there will be a certification provided upon completing etc. Please always consider potential questions/concerns by families or what they should know about this course when you are entering details.

Yes, you can post courses that will be available in the near future but it should be clear in the course details that the course has a future starting date.

UrbanCircle is an online platform connecting families with a wide range of select kids related service providers such as tutors, sports coaches, music and arts instructors, babysitters, and nannies in a one-stop-shop format. Through UrbanCircle web and mobile, families will be able to view detailed profiles of various alternative service providers and make informed decisions on who will be the best fit to work with their kids. They will also be able to pay and book online, on-demand, without the hassle of several calls or bank transfers.

As parents ourselves, our mission is to create a trusted go-to-source for parents looking for support on their kids’ care and development by enabling access to a large and transparent pool of qualified resources all of which have been hand-picked by us.

First of all, we are as picky as you when it comes to kids. We only partner with reference-checked, verified companies. We personally meet all of our partner companies before onboarding to make sure we would trust our own kids with them.

In addition, UrbanCircle is:

  • TRANSPARENT: We provide all the information you need to make up your mind including prices and reviews.
  • EASY-to-USE: You can book the service you prefer in a matter of minutes from your mobile or your computer. You can pay online or at delivery.
  • WITH ONGOING SUPPORT: We are available to support you with all your questions and concerns before and after the booking via email, phone or whatsapp. We make sure you are contacted by our partner company within 24hours to confirm your booking.

No. UrbanCircle is a technology company, providing the tool to connect registered, licensed service providers for kids with families in UAE.

First a brief intro, we have 2 types of services in UrbanCircle: 1) Services you can book for a specified date and time (which currently only applies to Babysitting) 2) Services which you will book and then will be contacted by the service provider to schedule based on your availability. You can see which system applies to your service from the booking options.

If a service has “Flexible Time Slots” we advise you to book choosing “pay at delivery” as your payment method and the service provider will contact you to agree on a mutually available time slot. If you have any further specific question on timing (or anything else!) you can always reach out to us by clicking on “Any Questions About This Service” button on the class profile you are interested in and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

UrbanCircle is completely free for families. We hope you will enjoy and benefit.

We have several processes to assure trust and quality. First, we only work with licensed service providers across all 6 categories available on the website. Secondly, we personally meet and interview the service providers to be published on the site to make sure that everyone goes through our mommy filter meaning UrbanCircle includes only the people we would trust our own kids with. Thirdly, all parents are able to post a comment on their service providers after their sessions to promote higher visibility amongst UrbanCircle services and enabling other parents to track past performance. So we have a trust mechanism, a reliable method of determining service providers’ reputation. Last but not least, we regularly review our service providers ratings and delist anyone whose ratings go below a certain threshold.

Ratings and reviews are essential to keep the quality of the services within our circle and motivate and appreciate those service providers who work hard to make a difference. You can simply post a feedback on Service Provider Page which will go through Admin for verification and then it will be posted.

Once you make up your mind about the booking, you can choose to pay online with credit card or at delivery directly at the institute or to your service provider. If you would like benefit from our campaigns by using a promocode you need to pay online.

UrbanCircle service providers work hard to provide the best possible service for every family they work with. As a parent, to make both their life and yours easier, you can be open in your communications about your expectations in the booking (for example for babysitting: mention any allergies, sleep routines, toilet training etc.; for academic tutoring: the child’s curriculum, topics that they struggle with etc.). At the end of the session, you can ask how everything went, and then part ways. Don’t forget to give your feedback for the service you have received. This will help us build a very strong circle with top performers.

Please pay attention to cancellation policies and try to notify our service providers as soon as possible in case you would like to make a cancellation or rescheduling.

You can book the same service provider again and again based on his/her availability. You can also book packages (sets of 5, 10, 15 sessions, the dates of which you can agree with the service provider)

We strongly advise you to read the Cancellation & Refund policy mentioned on the profile page of the service provider/course you have booked. If an emergency comes up and you need to cancel your booking, no problem! You can reach out to us via mail or phone and we will coordinate the process for you. All cancellations are subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the companies.

The service provider may not have any upcoming availability so might have deactivated his/her account. If you ever have a specific request and don’t see someone you’d like to book, you can always reach out to us at info@urbancircle.ae Remember, we have an entire community of amazing service providers for your family to choose from.

In UrbanCircle we strive to keep our circle as trusted and as qualified as possible. If you had a bad incident, please report to us immediately at info@urbancircle.ae or call us at 0505256599

Although we are trying hard to include a wide range of services in UrbanCircle there might be unfortunate cases where we cannot meet your exact requirement. Please still reach out to us via an email to info@urbancircle.ae or a phone call 0505256599 and we will try our best, do a few extra calls, to check if we can be of help to you. At the end this is your circle of support for all the help your need!

Our companies agree to respond to UrbanCircle requests within 24 hours when joining the community however if they cannot meet their promise for some reason please reach out to us at info@urbancircle.ae and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.