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Shams Media City, Al Messaned, Al Bataeh, Sharjah
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Background Information
As authorized Center of the International Longzhao GongFu Association pioneers of Kungfu, Taijiquan, Qigong in Europe since 1976, we offer their students the opportunity to embark upon an effective and orthodox course inspired by the styles of great Chinese masters.

Our Kung Fu class is designed after the Seven Stars Praying Mantis Qixing Tanglangquan. This style is fast, fierce, and highly effective and certified by the Chinese government as a cornerstone of Chinese cultural heritage. Our Little Mantis Warriors will learn alongside their parents, following in their footsteps as role models. Our Little Warriors will learn alongside their parents, following in their footsteps as role models. This style gives students quality time with their parents, instills formative discipline, self defense and psycho-physical benefits (tones muscles, reduces fat mass, increase focus, leadership, boosts reactivity and coordination). Not only does this class help with body awareness, it also equips your little one with vital self-defense skills. Going beyond the physical ability to defend themselves in challenging situations, it also helps with mental toughness.

KUNG FU FOR ADULTS (from age 16)
Alternatively known as Tanglang, this method is an effective application of martial arts. Not only does it help students positively channel their stress, it helps with joint mobility and body awareness. It also boosts self-esteem, helping you become physically and mentally stronger. Tanglang packs a punch as a workout – renowned as an excellent way to burn fat mass, tone muscles, increase endurance, and promoting reactivity.


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