Calisthenics Personal Trainer Yasin

At your premise
Flexible Time Slot
Ages 16+
AED 400

Selected Booking Option: 1 Session = 400 AED


Calisthenics is a strength training model that involves various movements targeting major muscle groups such as holding, gripping, and pushing. It utilizes equipment like parallel bars and a pull-up bar, focusing on exercises using one’s body weight. Fundamental movements in this model include push-ups and pull-ups. 

Engaging in calisthenics allows you to master every part of your body, introducing advanced movements like handstands, muscle-ups, and L-sits. As you progress, you’ll learn the steps of these movements, pushing your limits. Enhancing strength, shedding fat, and achieving a fit physique, you’ll perform aesthetically pleasing exercises in the process

Background Information
Yasin is a Fitness Trainer who has been actively involved in sports since the age of 6, playing football for many years and participating in athletics, volleyball, and tennis. He competed in various age groups. Later, he studied sports academy at university and has been a trainer for 12 years. His goal is to instill a habit of exercise in people, ensuring they are healthy and fit. He aims to guide them to their goals in the fastest and most effective way through proper planning and programs.

Educational Background:
Department of Coaching - School of Physical Education and Sports

Master's Degree in Movement and Exercise Sciences

• TVGFBF Level 2 Coaching Certificate
• Posture Analysis and Exercise Program
• Personal Training Program Design
• Sports Nutrition and Programming
• Athletic Fitness and Performance Coaching
• Level 2 Pilates Instructor
• Level 3 Tennis Coaching
• Calisthenics Instructor Program

Working Style:
Yasin meets the person 30 minutes before the first workout, conducts a fitness level test using a heart rate monitor and the Polar Flow app, followed by measuring body fat-muscle with skinfold calipers and taking body measurements with a tape measure. If the person wishes, he will share the results and regularly monitor progress, presenting developments with numerical data. 

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation must be done at least 6 hours prior to your session. Cancellation in less than 6 hours will be charged.


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