ABA Therapy Behavioral Support

Safa 1, 43a St Dubai
Flexible Time Slots on Weekdays | 12-7pm
Ages 1+
AED 2,500

Selected Booking Option: Initial Assessment for Behaviour Plan = 2500 AED


Flexible Time Slots on Weekdays | 12-7pm. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

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Background Information
We offer ABA services help address areas such as communication, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, academics, or activities of daily living. Our comprehensive ABA services include formal assessments and treatment plans and one-to-one therapy led by our in-house RBT and supervised by a BCBA.

Initial Consultation
You can begin by contacting us for an initial free consultation to meet and discuss your concerns. The initial meeting will consist of a parent interview, child observation, and a review of any previous assessments, reports or plans.

The initial assessment entails 4-10 hours with our BCBA, typically completed over several days. We do not rush this process, and instead like to take the time to truly understand your child's skills;some children take several sessions to show us what they can do.
During the assessment sessions we will determine your child's cognitive, communication, motor, adaptive, behavioral, and social skills. It is an intricate process that delves deep into your child's abilities enabling us to create an ideal therapy program. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a detailed report on your child's current skill level, behavioral concerns, and treatment recommendations.
Towards the end of the initial assessment period, a program specific to your child will be designed.
The program will include milestones and goals that, once reached, will lead to the next step of the program. The program is both a guideline for the therapist who will work with your child and a means of measuring your child's progress. Once your child's program is created, your child will start having regular ABA Therapy sessions.

ABA Therapy
Once a child's program goals have been chosen, one of our RBTs will implement the teaching and behavior protocols defined by the program. Our BCBA will supervise the program anywhere between 5-20% of the total hours. Programs have two elements: Intensive table work (ITT) and Natural Environment Teaching(NET). Intensive Table Work (ITT) will focus on compliance, attention to task, language, and academic goals including reading, math and spelling are targeted. Natural Environmental Teaching (NET) will aim to generalize what has bee taught at the table and also targets requesting skills, play, socialization and self-help skills.

Shadow/Parent Training
In Center training will allow parents, caregivers, and shadows the opportunity to practice implementing teaching and behavior protocols under the supervision of your child's RBT and BCBA therapists. Parents, caregivers, and shadow teachers will all partake in both theoretical and practical lessons in order to develop their knowledge and ability to confidently work with their child. Competency assessments are a vital component of our in Center training and they will be delivered by our BCBA in order to ensure program integrity across people and settings.

Out of Center Therapy
Out of Center consultations and trainings are often necessary for children who display different behaviors in different settings. Your child's RBT and BCBA will assist you in your natural environment to ensure consistency of teaching and behavior protocols. Your child's RBT and BCBA will help you navigate those day-to-day activities and help you make the most of every teaching opportunity for your child.

School Observation
In School Observations can often help support the contiguity and integrity of treatment plans that have been put in place. Your child's RBT and BCBA will assist school staff in understanding how to implement behavioral protocols and provide hands-on support and training. Additionally, they can put in place classroom and curriculum modifications in order to help your child reach their full potential across all settings.


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