Arabic for Kids, Teens and Adults

Online / At your premise
Flexible Time Slots
Ages 3+
AED 60

Selected Booking Option: Easy Arabic for Kids | 1 Private Session (30 mins) = 60 AED


What you need to know
Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, Huseyin will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

Background Information
Huseyin Bedir is a Turkish that offers private lessons in Dubai. He offers private online and face-to-face Arabic and Turkish lessons at Language Schools and homes.

Qualifications and Experiences:
- He took Arabic preparatory Education for 1 year at Necmettin Erbakan University in Konya
- studied Islamic Sciences for 4 years at Süleyman Demirel Faculty of Theology in Isparta
- studied private Arabic and Islamic sciences courses for one and a half years at Al Albayt University in Jordan
- He gave private Arabic lessons to the gendarmerie and soldiers for 2 years in Turkey
- have been giving online and face-to-face private Turkish and Arabic lessons at language schools and homes in Dubai for 6 months

Since his second mother tongue is Arabic, we complete language learning very quickly and practically with many of his Arab students. You too can benefit from this experience.

How can Huseyin speak Arabic fluently and effectively? What kind of working principles does he have?
Learning a language is exploring different ideas and further complementing your personal development. You have the best selection and amenities in Dubai right now. In particular, He is preparing a special programmed lesson table for the students to learn Arabic with pleasure and to use it easily in their lives. We determine our learning schedule and intensity specifically according to the level and capacity of the student. Sometimes we teach like a small child and sometimes we teach as if we were interviewing him. In fact, you will understand better what we mean when you attend the classes.

Since Huseyin has been teaching Arabic to Turks for 4 years, he knows the most remote details of both languages very well. In addition, we have special Arabic and Turkish programs for the students whose mother tongue is English.


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