Autonomous Vehicle Kit STEM Kit

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Ages 11-14
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Background Information
Twin’s Autonomous Vehicle Kit is World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Award recipient. With autonomous vehicle kit children will learn the concepts of self-driving car technologies. They will discover how artificial intelligence is changing our transportation dynamics with hands-on projects.

What’s in the box?

Autonomous Truck
Have your kids bring to life some of the world’s latest inventions in your living room with this project. They’ll have fun exploring the science behind autonomous vehicles by making one of their very own! We’ll show them how to train their trucks to avoid any obstacles in its way as they learn to apply the fundamentals of coding and robotics.

Smart Production Line
Technology that makes sense! Your kids will learn how technology has revolutionized industries as they apply smart technology and sensors to make their very own production line.

Line Following Truck
Be amazed as your kids make their vehicles follow a straight line. Curvy ones too! They can have fun creating a race track to let their cars run on a loop. On the way, they’ll learn how sensors and AI technology make all of this possible!

Remote Controlled Truck
Want to switch autopilot off and take control? Your kids can do just that with their autonomous vehicle. They’ll learn how to turn an ordinary smartphone into a remote control with some very easy coding tricks!

Smart Door
Turn just about any LEGO® fortress, gate, or house door into a smart door with the power of coding and sensor technology. After this fun project, you’ll start seeing the thinking gears turn in your child’s head as they look where to use their newfound knowledge next!


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