Birth/Postnatal Doula Services and Infant Massage Instructor with Louise Atkinson

At Your Premise
Flexible Time Slots
Ages 0+ (Birth - Newborn)
AED 10

Selected Booking Option: Initial Consulation (choose 'Pay at Delivery' and you will not be charged) = 10 AED


What you need to know
If you and your family are interested in having a Doula to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, feel free to select the 'Initial Consultation' as your booking option.
All Initial Consultations are free of charge and held either at your home or a location of mutual convenience, with no obligation to proceed. |
Louise will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable meeting date and time. |
Dou La La offers three options for parents to be;
1) A Birth Doula Service at a fee of 4500 AED;
2) A Birth Doula Service plus a 5 week Baby Massage Programme (Certified via Gold Standard International Association of Infant Massage) for 5000 AED (baby massage programmes are usually 800 AED alone);
3) Postnatal Doula services at home one baby is born.
Bookings are for a minimum of 2 hours and support is provided to you with your newborn enabling a mother to rest, feel empowered and confident as they enter motherhood. This is priced at 175 AED an hour for a minimum of 2 hours. |

Both Birth Doula packages require 50% of the package price by way of deposit within 7 days after the booking has been confirmed. The remaining 50% of the package price is due on, or before week 38 of the pregnancy. Postnatal Doula service bookings require all payments up front in order to secure Louise’s time. |
Please find more information on the packages content below.

Background Information

Dou La La provides a professional Birth, and Postnatal Doula (Fully Certified via Nurturing Birth UK and International Association of Infant Massage) service as well as the IAIM 5 week baby massage programme. The goal is to support parents with their birth preferences and assist them with the transition into life with a new baby.

Full text, phone and email support from the moment we decide to work together
2 prenatal sessions
A comprehensive review of your birth plan and preferences to ensure Louise is fully able to provide you with the best possible opportunity to attain your birthing goals and expectations. While Louise is a non-medical support to families, she is trained in the physiology of birth and is able to provide families with evidence-based information, empowering them to make informed decisions and choices
‘On call’ from 38 weeks gestation through to your birth (of course, if you go into labour earlier, Louise will do everything she can to be there
1 postnatal visit once baby is here either at hospital or at home (your choice)
Breastfeeding Support
Understanding Baby Cues
Changing and bathing baby
Emotional support and a place to offload
Resources & Referrals (a list of trusted medical providers for Mummy and baby, support groups, clinics, paediatricians, parent meet ups)
Help create a nurturing environment for the family and provide reassurance where needed
Non-judgmental support for the whole family
Practical support - Shopping, cooking, organisation, Sibling care; Processing the birth experience, reflecting with Mummy and de-briefing, if she would like to on her birth.


Benefits of baby massage include nurturing touch, creating secure attachments, bonding, reduced crying, relief from wind, constipation and colic as well as calmer temperaments and improved sleep. Provides new mums the opportunity to develop their confidence, under their baby’s behavioural cues through theoretical learning and massage itself. It also promotes one to one time with baby, provides a platform to meet other parents and learn life-long parenting skills. The 5 Week Group Programme is one session per week for 1.5 hours long. Sessions are run in groups of up to 10 parents and babies. They are totally baby led and flexible ensuring mums feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings. Topics such as sleep, weaning, and crying are covered and light refreshments are provided. Baby Massage is suitable from birth until Age 1.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation more than 4 weeks before your due date - 50% refund |
Cancellation between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before your due date - 25% refund |
Cancellation less than 2 weeks before your due date - nil refund |
If, after your booking you plan to have an elective Caesarean and do not require Louise to be with you immediately before and after the birth of your baby, the service package will be amended. Louise will still provide full prenatal appointments and one postpartum visit. A 1000 AED refund will be provided. You must advise Louise of the decision to have a planned Caesarean at least 2 days before your estimated due date for the amended package to apply.


Ask a Question
  • Hello Louise My name is Letitia, I am 6 months pregnant, my due date is 17 August. I am looking to hire a birth doula, and would like to get to meet you / your team. I am planning to deliver in Mediclinic Parkview, and understand they are welcoming doulas Are you taking on clients for the period around my due date? Looking forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Letitia

    Hello there! Please send a us message on WhatsApp at 050 525 6599 so we can speak further about slots and availability :)

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