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Python Programming:
Age 10+

Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. Python is designed to be highly readable. It uses English keywords frequently where as other languages use punctuation, and it has fewer syntactical constructions than other languages.

Python is a MUST for students and working professionals to become a great Software Engineer specially when they are working in Web Development Domain. Find below some of the key advantages of learning Python:

Python is Interpreted? Python is processed at runtime by the interpreter. You do not need to compile your program before executing it. This is like PERL and PHP.

Python is Interactive? You can sit at a Python prompt and interact with the interpreter directly to write your programs.

Python is Object-Oriented? Python supports Object-Oriented style or technique of programming that encapsulates code within objects.

Python is a Beginner’s Language? Python is a great language for the beginner-level programmers and supports the development of a wide range of applications from simple text processing to WWW browsers to games.

Following are important characteristics of Python Programming ?
It supports functional and structured programming methods
It can be used as a scripting language or can be compiled to byte-code for building large applications.
It provides very high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type checking.
It supports automatic garbage collection.
It can be easily integrated with C, C++, COM, ActiveX, CORBA, and Java

Topics covered in Level 1:
Python Syntax
Inputs & Outputs
Variables Strings & Number
If statement
Nested If statement
For & While statement
Random Library


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