Computer Science Lessons with Merve

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Ages 12-18

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Background Information

Merve is an esteemed professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, holding an exceptional GPA of 4.0/4.0. Her academic journey started at Koç University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Computer Science (DM). She is the ideal tutor for students interested in computer science and artificial intelligence. 

Subjects Taught:
A Level Computer Science
AP Computer Science

Educational Background:
UCLA, Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering  Grade: GPA 4.0/4.0
Koç University - BS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Computer Science (DM) GPA 4.09/4

About Hub21:
Hub21, a London-based online computer science school, is at the forefront of bridging the gap between traditional education systems and today's technological demands. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, Hub21 is dedicated to preparing the younger generation for a future dominated by digital innovation.

Elite Tutors from Top Universities:
The cornerstone of Hub21's success lies in its tutors. These exceptional individuals are not just academically brilliant, having hailed from leading universities, but are also actively pursuing advanced studies. This unique position allows them to impart the most current and advanced knowledge in their fields.

Hands-On Experience:
These tutors have not only excelled in their academic journeys but also have firsthand experience in dealing with the nuances of computer science exams. Their understanding of the 'tricks and tips' essential for academic success makes them invaluable mentors. They can offer personalized advice and strategies tailored to each student's needs, significantly enhancing the learning experience.

Impactful Mentorship:
The tutors at Hub21 don't just teach; they inspire and empower. Their role extends beyond imparting knowledge – they mentor students to develop a deep understanding and passion for computer science, setting them on a path to academic and professional excellence.


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