Football Classes at New Indian Model School

Al Garhoud, Toss Academy - New Indian Model School Dubai
Tue & Thur 6:30-8pm | Weekend 7-8pm
Ages 5-18
AED 300

Selected Booking Option: Monthly Package | 8 Sessions (2x a week) = 300 AED


Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to confirm your booking details.

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Background Information
The Path to Physical Fitness, Mental Health, and Teamwork
In a world where, Sports Academies only brag about their facilities, infrastructures, and training programs. We can have a real talk about playing the benefits of football.

You are truly mistaken if you think football is all about just trophies and accomplishments. It brings a lot of advantages for the young people out there.

Here, at TOSS Academy we believe that football is more than just a game, it’s more like a lifestyle offering physical, mental, and social benefits like no other.

Benefits of Playing Football for Your Overall Fitness
Football isn’t just about personal achievements; it’s a team sport fostering strong bonds. TOSS Academy knows the value of teamwork. Our coaching goes beyond skills, emphasizing teamwork, communication, and support. These skills aren’t just for winning games; they’re life skills beyond the field. (Source: International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 2021)

Football teaches resilience. Dealing with setbacks, learning from failures, and overcoming obstacles are part of the game. TOSS Academy’s coaching is about more than football; it’s about character. We instill discipline, perseverance, and a positive attitude, shaping individuals who face life’s challenges with determination. (Source: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2018)

TOSS Academy isn’t just about football coaching; it’s all about making a human an extraordinary player. The benefits go beyond scoring goals or winning matches.

Playing football with passion and being coached with expertise, becomes the pillar of personal development. Why settle for ordinary coaching, when coaching with expertise can turn your game around and could be a catalyst for your personal development too? It’ll also help you to shape your physical health, sharpen your mind, and build lasting connections. Ready to kick off your journey with TOSS Academy?


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