Life & Social Skill Activities For Kids w/ Additional Needs

Safa 1, 43a St, Dubai
Mon-Thur | 2:30-4:30pm
Ages 4+

Selected Booking Option: Initial Assessment (Free of Charge) = 0 AED


What You Need To Know
Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your sessions based on your availability. Assessment of the child's needs and defining the support areas will be done during the first couple of classes, so there won't be any separate cost, it will be at the cost of the class itself. Bookings are done by term, 5 times a week and every session is 2 hours.

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Background Information
Life skills include activities of daily life like Eating, Drinking, Dressing, Grooming, Toileting etc. If the student is not taught these skills the caregiver will have to do it for them as these are unavoidable tasks which need to be done on a daily basis. Teaching these skills will not only make the student independent it also gives relief to the caregiver. It also includes basic communication skills like Requesting, Choice making etc. These skills allow the child to express their needs so there is less frustration hence it reduces triggering of tantrums to quite an extent.

Functional academics includes functional reading skills like reading their name, important sight words (toilet, danger, stop etc.) and recognizing everyday signs and symbols. Functional math’s includes basic number concept, time, money and calendar skills. It also includes functional use of technology and gadgets like phone, computer, iPad etc. These skills allow the student to lead a more independent life.

Community based learning skills include using public transportation, shopping skills, road safety, choice making in restaurants etc. Learning these skills enables students to be more confident in helping around the house and moving about in the community.

Social skills include skills that will help the student function better in the community and improve quality of life example: socialization skills, play and leisure skills, social etiquettes etc. Pre-vocational skills are tailored to meet the needs of the student when he/she goes into a vocational/work environment. These skills are pre-requisites to prepare them for future employment. Pre-vocational skills include following directions, transition skills, staying on task, working with others, dressing appropriately etc.

The purpose of teaching functional skills is that the student is as independent as possible and is a productive member of the family and community. This done by giving the student exposure to different settings


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