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Background Information
Singapore maths is a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum used for kindergarten through sixth grade in Singapore.

Although many countries acknowledge the importance of problem-solving in maths, Singapore has embraced this as the fundamental requirement when teaching maths. This is why Singapore has developed methodologies to effectively give its students the tools that are needed to become proficient problem solvers in maths and in all other aspects of their lives.

Singapore maths uses unique techniques to teach problem-solving. The Bar Model Method is one such technique. This method is used as a visual approach allowing children to understand, interpret and conceptualize word problems by translating the words of the problem into a visual representation.

Visualization is a much more effective tool compared to comprehension alone when decoding critical information in problems. Based on Singapore’s overall success, this decoding process proves transferable to other aspects of life.

According to results of the two most reputable education studies in the world: TIMSS (Trends in International Maths & Science Study) and PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), since 1995, Singapore Maths continues to be recognized as the most successful national maths program in the world. The studies are based on more than 600,000 students in over 60 countries worldwide.

Singapore Maths is the most effective complement to your child’s existing school maths curriculum.

Why Choose S.A.M
Here are some benefits of signing up your child for Seriously Addictive Maths:

• Based on the #1 Maths Programme in the World
• Maths learning is made fun and interactive
• Focuses on core skills including problem-solving
• Customised maths program tailored to your child’s abilities
• Continuous learning through worksheets that become progressively more difficult
• Teacher/Student ratio of 1:4
• Builds a habit of self-learning and discovery

Two Learning Pillars
At S.A.M, we engage students through The Classroom Experience and The Worksheet Experience. We call this the Two Learning Pillars of our program.

The Classroom Experience will be conducted by our qualified S.A.M Trainer who will explain new concepts and objectives. With the help of carefully crafted worksheets combined with math manipulatives to help bring abstract concepts to life, the S.A.M approach makes learning progress, interesting and FUN! The Classroom Experience encourages your child to discover their own solutions rather than to be told what to do.

CPA Approach
At S.A.M, we follow the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach that develops a solid understanding of mathematical concepts. Developed by American psychologist, Jerome Bruner, this methodology is the foundation of teaching the Singapore way. The process starts with physically illustrating mathematical concepts using objects, manipulatives, and games, before moving to pictorial explanation and finally to the abstract (i.e. symbols and numbers) representation of mathematics.

Concrete: Concepts are introduced using physical objects to model problems (lays the foundation for conceptual understanding)

Pictorial: Concepts are further explained using diagrams or pictures representing the problem (further strengthens conceptual understanding)

Abstract: Eventually problems are represented by mathematical numbers and symbols (which are now conceptually understood)


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