Mildred - Babysitting Services

At your premise
Flexible Time Slot
Ages 0mos +
AED 300

Selected Booking Option: 3 hrs Babysitting (100 AED/hr) = 300 AED


Background Information

Highly skilled and compassionate midwife with 20+ years of experience in providing comprehensive care to expectant mothers and their families.  Proficient in antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care, with a strong focus on promoting a safe and positive birthing experience. Dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for women throughout their pre and post pregnancy journey

Language: English, Tagalog

Work Experiences: 
Midwife Assistant and Newborn Specialist
Emirates Home Nursing, 2019-2024

  • Monitoring maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, and labor progression
  • Assisting with pain management techniques, such as breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Assessing cervical dilation and fetal descent
  • Providing emotional support during the pushing stage
  • Collaborating with obstetricians and other healthcare professionals when medical interventions are necessary
  • Facilitating a safe and supportive environment during birth
  • Providing immediate postpartum care to the mother and initial assessments of the newborn's health
  • Assessing and monitoring the physical recovery of the mother
  • Providing guidance and support on breastfeeding
  • Conducting postpartum assessments to monitor vital signs and uterine involution
  • Addressing any postpartum complications or concerns, such as postpartum
    depression, infections, or breastfeeding difficulties
  • Providing education on postpartum self-care
  • Promoting the bonding and attachment between the mother and the newborn, encouraging skin-to-skin contact, and facilitating early parentinfant interactions
  • Well experienced carer for twins (2 CONTRACTS)
  • Establishing sleep routine on babies (Twins)
  • Establishing a twin nursing schedule
  • Collaborate with parents or guardians to ensure consistency in care and communicate about the infant’s progress and any significant events or milestones.
  • Provide emotional support and create a nurturing bond with the infants, fostering a sense of security and trust

Attendant Midwife
Philippines, 1993-2000

  • Examining and monitoring pregnant mothers and assessing their care needs
  • Providing antenatal care in hospitals and homes and performing screening tests
  • Assisting mothers during labour and delivery and providing information, emotional support, and reassurance
  • Caring for mothers and newborns after delivery and educating them on health issues

    Quezon City Medical Center, Philippines

    Computer/MS Office Training
    Al Karama Language and Computer Centre, Dubai

    Basic First Aid
    Patient Care Awareness
    Newborn Care
    Elderly Care
    Early Childhood Education

    English Communication
    First Aider
    Sensory Play
    Time Management
    Pre and Post Labor Care
    Tummy Time
    Twins Care

    Cancellation and Transportation Policy
    Cancellation must be made at least 4 hours before the start of service. A cancellation fee of 100 AED will be charged for cancellations made less than 4 hours before the scheduled service.

    For bookings that start or end between 9 pm and 6 am, the client will pay for transportation. 


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