Mindfulness for Adolescents - Eline Snel Method

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Background Information 

It is difficult for most adolescents to concentrate and sleep well. It’s not easy to let go of worrying thoughts and relax. It is much easier to shut down and do nothing rather than deal with stress. Furthermore, most adolescents are always busy, they spend hours in front of a screen and are exposed to too many stimuli. They are constantly being told things – most of which are silly – by society, school, their families and themselves.

Eline Snel Method trains the attention. This is also known as mindfulness. The ten-week course teaches adolescents to stabilise, focus and shift their attention with a friendly, alert attitude. They are familiarised with their inner world without having to pass judgement on what they (or others) think, feel or experience. They learn how to deal with tranquillity and turmoil when it arises, how to acknowledge challenging thoughts and feelings without suppressing them or being absorbed by them, and simply give them friendly attention instead. And above all: they are taught to be kind to themselves and others.

This study “reminds” adolescents to trust, let go of some things (including constantly worrying), to be themselves and to live their own truth in the endless demands of the Anthropocene era. Adolescents become aware of the judgments about what they feel, think and experience during the course and they befriend themselves and their inner worlds. They learn the magic of being kind to themselves and others and to integrate the difficult thoughts and feelings into their lives without suppressing or getting caught up in them.

Themes and the Methodology
– Observation and concentration
– Awareness of the body and sensations
– Patience, trust and letting go
– To ‘feel’ the feelings and let them be
– Thoughts
– Compassion: To oneself and to others
– To deal with exam stress
– The art of listening

This course includes techniques like meditation, stories and movement.
Deep inquiry is at the centre of every lesson as an important tool for the students to confront themselves.

What to expect from the course?
The observed effects on adolescents who have participated in this course are:
– Increase in attention and concentration
– Decrease in impulsive behavior
– Decrease in negative thoughts and anxiety
– Improvement in sleep quality
– Decrease in fear and depression
– Decrease in bullying
– More trust and respect for oneself and the environment
– Decrease in stress and reactive behaviour

The Trainer : Sepin Sinanlıoğlu

Graduate of Uskudar American Academy, Bogazici University Department of Management and University of Plymouth, Dartington College of Arts (MA in Poetics of Imagination.) Lives in Istanbul with her children Ela and Ali, their cat Sussex, and their dog Alice. Resigned from her partnership in a private equity firm in 2014. Currently investor in two enterprises supporting women entrepreneurship. Sepin runs programs on themes such as wisdom, love, death, and freedom, i.e., being a human within the framework of different protocols in which she specializes in the fields of physiology and nervous system and through folk stories and mythology.

Author of the books Agitlarin Tanrisi and the children’s books Noa, Monark Kelebekleri ve Her Şey and Noa, Kirpi ve Sarı. Partner of Academy for Mindful Teaching – AMT Turkey and a member of the International Trainers’ Team. All Eline Snel professional trainings in Turkey are taught by Sepin.



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