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The journey into parenthood starts long before birth and our expert midwife is here to support you along the way with any questions or worries you might have about pregnancy or the birth itself, followed by help after baby arrives in terms of newborn advice and practical support such as weighing baby and general health checks for both mum and baby.  For those first few days or weeks afterwards, we know how a task as simple as just getting dressed difficult with the addition of your new little one, so our midwife will come to you to remove any unnecessary stress" Our amazing midwife-The fit midwife-aka Nikki provides personalized care for expectant and new mothers in the comfort of their own environment. We offer comprehensive prenatal care, including regular check-ups, monitoring the mother's health and the baby's development, and providing guidance on nutrition and exercise. We also educate mothers about childbirth options and help you develop birth plans aligned with your preferences. Nikki offers continuous support, assisting with pain management techniques, monitoring vital signs, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment for both mother and baby. She is trained to recognize any complications that may arise and provide appropriate interventions or referrals to medical professionals if necessary.

After birth, Nikki provides postnatal care, offering breastfeeding support, newborn care guidance, and monitoring the mother's physical and emotional well-being. She will conduct home visits to assess mother and baby's recovery and provide any additional support or resources needed during the postpartum period. Overall, our tailored midwife support at home packages aim to empower women to have a positive childbirth experience while ensuring their health and safety throughout the process.


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