Novice Programmer Track (KG - Grade 1) Live Online Programming Course

Flexible Time Slots
Ages 4-7
AED 1,170

Selected Booking Option: 12 Private Sessions (3 months) | Beginner - Level 1 = 1170 AED


What You Need To Know
The Track includes 3 level courses: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Private courses start immediately after you book, at the time and date of your choice. 

Background Information
Program Description (Beginner Level)
Several studies show that children who learn how to code and who understand the fundamentals of computer science develop a higher level of analytical thinking, creativity, and even teamwork skills. This entire skillset is valuable and beneficial in any sector, whether or not it is related to computers or technology. In the first course of this track, you will be learning different computer science fundamentals like sequencing, loops, and events on the platform Most importantly, you will be learning all these concepts while solving puzzles and completing fun challenges.

Learning Outcomes
Understand what computer science is
Understand and use fundamental coding concepts like sequencing, loops and events
Use sequences to arrange coding blocks in order to control characters and solve puzzles
Design and develop an interactive coding project from beginning to end

Program Description(Intermediate Level)
In the second course of this track, you will learn and practice fundamental coding concepts with a combination of two platforms: Kodable and Shapetracer by Ozobot. Starting with Kodable, the award-winning coding curriculum used in almost 190 countries, you will go through logical puzzles and challenges and learn new concepts as you proceed. For the second part of the course, you will use a virtual Ozobot robot. The Ozobot robot is a small programmable robot that can detect colors and follow directions depending on the paths created by users. You will use a block-based coding language to code your robot and make it move on your screen in a 2D environment. You will also learn about the different types of robots we can find in real-life.

Learning Outcomes
Learn and practice fundamental concepts used in every programming language like loops, conditions and algorithms
Use advanced sequencing to solve puzzles and challenges
Learn about how robots work and where they are used in real—life
Control a robot in a virtual environment using a block—based coding language
Understand and use loops to make code shorter and more efficient

Program Description (Advanced Level)
In the first part of this final course, you will explore and use advanced coding concepts such as nested loops, nested conditionals, functions, and algorithms by using Rapid Router. Rapid Router is a coding platform used by over 200 000 students from all around the world. Through this platform, you will control and code your smart delivery truck to make it choose the shortest routes, stop at traffic lights, and follow all traffic rules. In the second part of the course, you will use all your accumulated coding knowledge to start learning the basics of Python while playing CodeCombat. Python is a pillar in the programming world and is one of the most demanded skills in 2020. With this, you will be accustomed to text-based coding and prepared for all sorts of new programming adventures!

Learning Outcomes
Understand and use different types of loops such as for loops, while loops and infinite loops
Understand the importance and uses of functions and algorithms
Improve debugging and critical thinking skills
Learn the fundamentals of Python syntax
Become accustomed to text—based coding

Fees cover:
12 hours of live online sessions with Geek Express Certified Trainers
Geek Express certification
Final project development
Digital portfolio access with automatic attendance and progress reporting
Access to Geek Express app


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