BabyCalm Antenatal Workshop for Pregnant Couples/Parents of Newborns

Al Quoz, Egg & Soldiers, Time Square Centre
Sat & Sun | 10am-1pm
All Ages
AED 350

Selected Booking Option: 1 Session = 350 AED


What You Need To Know
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Background Information
This 3.5-hour workshop is designed to help parents-to-be or new parents begin to understand why newborn babies are fussy, so likely to cry so much and sleep so little and why they are really only happy in your arms. In addition to showing you ways to calm a crying baby we will show you how to cope with colic and how to encourage your baby to sleep better. Unlike many of your parenting books, we don’t believe there is one right way to care for your baby, so we will provide a range of ideas and suggestions and will encourage and empower you to choose your own path and trust your own heart. This workshop will help you begin your parenthood adventure feeling confident and prepared!

What you will learn:
The effects of the birth on your baby and how you can help to reverse them
How to aid bonding with your new baby
How to maximize the amount of sleep your baby - and you - will get
How to avoid or soothe colic
How to calm a crying baby
How to help your baby sleep a little more
What baby products are really worth buying
How to 'wear' your baby in a sling or a carrier (also known as getting your arms back!)
How to swaddle - and whether it is for you
Help you to feel more calm and confident as a new parent.
How to understand what your baby is trying to communicate to you
How to “baby-proof” your marriage so your relationship will also stay calm amidst all the upheaval that is about to arrive!

This is a great workshop for both mums and dads that can be taken at any time during pregnancy or from birth to 12 weeks of age. Class includes emailed handouts, digital resources and light refreshments (when meeting in-person)


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