Online English Communication Classes Beginner to Prodigy Level

Flexible Time Slots
Ages 5-18

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Background Information
Our Course Structure
with our Specialized English Communication Course

Public Speaking
Boost self-confidence and improve social skills for personality development.

Avoid common grammar mistakes to speak fluently & confidently

Learn 5000+ new words that help you in writing and speaking concisely.

Develop the habit of reading to boost knowledge, creativity & memory level.

Creative Writing
Develop Creative writing & storytelling skills to stand out as a master communicator.

Active Listening
Boost self-confidence and improve social skills for personality development.

Your child will:
Become a Published Author (novel on Amazon & Kindle)
Give TED styled Talks to Live Audiences of 1000+
Launch a YouTube channel with his/her own creative content

Why Camp K12?
Our Innovative Teaching Process
Lifelong learning for kids, in and out of class. Real-time feedback and progress reports for Parents.

1. Small batch classroom Children study in small batches of 3-6 students and learn with friends.
2. Project Based Learning Curriculum follows a hands-on approach where students create engaging projects.
3. Showcase PTM Every level culminates with showcase & a parent teacher meeting to share child’s progress.
4. Activities beyond Class Children are exposed to multiple activities like Spelling Bees, Olympiads, debates, etc.
5. Games & Worksheets Teachers make the classes more interactive by including worksheets & games within the classes.
6. Evaluation & Progress Real time evaluation is done for every child during class to motivate improvement.

Meet Our Curriculum Creators

Anshul Bhagi
MIT Computer Science
MBA from Harvard
Worked at Google, Microsoft, McKinsey & Co.
Graduation Speaker @MIT Commencement 2011
Teaching Coding & Public Speaking for 11 years

Sree Devi
IB/CBSE/Cambridge English Teacher (20+ years)
CBSE Resource Person
Author of 24+ Books
Khan Academy Master Trainer
Essay Writing & SAT Coach
US College Board Certified

Shaily Saluja
Personality Development Expert
National Debate Champion(11x)
Wharton MBA
Management Consultant, Bain & Company


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