Science Birthday Party - Curiosity Lab’s Hosted Party Package

Just Play Sports Complex, Al Quoz
Flexible Time Slots
Ages 6+

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What you need to know
Our Hosted Parties last 1.5 hours, are suitable for ages 6 and up, and have a maximum capacity of 10 kids due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

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Background Information
Curiosity Lab’s Hosted Party Package is an all-inclusive entertainment and venue package that is bursting with science and wonder for smaller events and conducted out of our lab.

Our Hosted Parties last 1.5 hours, are suitable for ages 6 and up and have a maximum capacity of 10 kids due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

The price of this package is AED 2750 and includes the following:

The party will be held at our venue in Just Play Sports Complex. The package includes 1.5 hours of venue hire with furniture and plenty of room for social distancing measures.

The entertainment for the party will be centred around one of our awesome science shows. These interactive shows are a blend of jaw-dropping demonstrations and incredible experiments, and all the kids will get to be real scientists.

You will get to choose from one of the following themes:

Master the basics of rocket science by learning about the Laws of Motion. Experiment with inertia, mass, acceleration and forces. Then put the laws to the test by making and launching your very own rockets! Rocket science has never been this fun.

This show is all about the wonder of chemistry and it is a huge favourite. These reactions will blur the line between science and magic. You will be amazed by potions that change colour at will, turn into precious metals and some that may even explode.

An exploration of all the incredible things the simple force of pressure is capable of. Be amazed by its destructive ability. Witness it create the biggest marshmallows you've ever seen. Use it to defeat gravity and launch stuff across the room! You won't believe what you can accomplish with a little pressure!

Air is far from boring and this show, all about the gases in the air, will prove that. Unleash explosive foams of oxygen. Use dry ice to create spooky fogs and bubbles of carbon dioxide. And finally, a dash of liquid nitrogen will make sure this party isn't just cool... it will be sub-zero!

We do not provide food as part of this package. However, if you are willing to organise the food yourself, we can add-on an additional 30-45 minutes of venue hire, at extra cost, for this purpose.


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