Shirley Marquez - Babysitting Services

At your premise
Flexible Time Slot
Ages 0mos+
AED 300

Selected Booking Option: 3 hrs Babysitting (100 AED/hr) = 300 AED


Background Information
Nursing Assistant with over 10 years of experience providing quality care to patients in a variety of settings. Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a strong attention to detail. Committed to providing compassionate care and promoting a positive patient experience.

Language: English, Tagalog

Work Experience:
Newborn Caregiver

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for infants, ensuring theirphysical and emotional well-being at all times.
  • Attend to the basic needs of infants, including feeding, changing diapers, and ensuring they are comfortable and clean
  • Establish and maintain a regular routine for feeding, napping and playtime, in line with the infant's ages and developmental stage
  • Engage in age-appropriate activities to promote sensory, cognitive, and motor skills development
  • Monitor and record the infant's behavior, growth, and development, and promptly report any concerns or issues to parent or supervisors
  • Maintain a clean and organized environment, including sterilizing equipment, toys, and changing areas regularly
  • Perform emergency procedures such as First Aid and CPR in the event of an emergency

Cancer Patient Caregiver
Philippines, 2014 - 2017

  • Helping with day-to-day activities such as doctor visits or preparing food
  • Giving medicines or helping with physical therapy or other clinical tasks
  • Helping with tasks of daily living such as using the bathroom or bathing
  • Coordination care and services from a distance by phone or email
  • Giving emotional and spiritual support

Childcare Specialist
Kuwait, 2010-2012

  • Entertaining childrren with games and other activities
  • Helping children with their homework
  • Transporting children to and from school, after-school activities and play dates
  • Preparing snacks and meals for children
  • Bathing children and putting them to bed
  • Assist with and teach proper hygiene practices, including handwashing and toothbrushing.

      Certified Nursing Assistant 
      Filglobal Academy


      Basic First Aid
      Patient Care Awareness
      Newborn Care
      Elderly Care
      Early Childhood Education

      English Communication
      First Aider
      Tummy Time
      Sensory Play
      Time Management

      Cancellation and Transportation Policy
      Cancellation must be made at least 4 hours before the start of service. A cancellation fee of 100aed will be charged for cancellations made less than 4 hours before the scheduled service.

      For bookings that start or ends between 9 pm and 6 am, client will pay for transportation. 


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