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Background Information
A professional swimming trainer, massage therapist and trauma specialist with many practical skills and more than 10 years of experience in Egypt and the UAE. And added value to many sports institutions. Ambitious and adventurous, who loves to succeed and participate in challenges.

Skills & expertise:
• Expert in hydro & physiotherapy and Massaging.
• Expert in relaxing massage and stimulation of blood circulation.
• Expert in rescuing, diving and recognized as a certified international trainer from
• Skilled swimming trainer with Experience in training & supervision.
• Good command of organizing fanning camps and making programs of physical and athletic rehabilitation for people with disabilities.
• Expert in working with people with physical, intellectual, neural weakness and autism disabilities.
• Ability of managing sportive facilities.
• Ability of organizing and preparing sport teams and workshops.
• Good command of organizing sport competitions and planning with official & non-official organizations.
• Excellent communication and business writing skills
• Ability to work under pressure with or without team.
• Leadership skills with problem solving capability.
• Capability of learning new skills quickly.
• Highly reliable and goal oriented.

Lingual skills
• Arabic (native).
• English (Average level & improving)

• Bachelor’s degree in athletic education – Al Azhar University 2011
• Diploma of higher studies in athletic training – Banha university 2018
• Professional none academic master of Hydro & occupational therapy - Stanford community college2016.
• Professional none academic doctorate of athletic psychology - Stanford community college2018.
• Currently student in master’s program of athletic training – Banha university

Courses & training.
• Sports Administration and Organization in the Paralympic Movement - Asian Paralympic Federation 2020.
• Sports Doping - Leaders Preparation Center Dubai - UAE Body Building and Fitness Federation - 2020
• Tolerance and Coexistence in the Work Environment - General Sports Authority -2020
• The role of sport in achieving inclusive development - UAE Special Olympics -2020
• Qualifying swimming coaches for the Special Olympics and developing the talents of players -2020
• Training course for swimming trainers and the foundations of organizing its competition - preparing leaders -2020
• Cyberbullying - pride of the homeland - 2020
• Training for Special Olympics players - UAE Special Olympics - 2020
• Physical strength sport from the perspective of the safe return of sporting activities - Leadership preparation -2020
• Working with athletes (communication concepts and goals), leader preparation Dubai-2020
• Sports management and the reality of global change - the UAE Special Olympics -2020
• First Aid - Emirates Arms Association -2020
• A workshop in the prevention of Covid 19 - UAE Swimming Federation - 2020
• The International Sports Forum - Dubai Police - 2020
• The basic course for coaches - UAE Special Olympics - Dubai 2019
• A seminar on badminton - Arab Badminton Federation - 2020
• Sports Volunteerism Seminar: Responsibility and Values - Emirates Athletes Association -2020
• Seminar on the role of sport in raising the efficiency of the immune system - Athletes Association -2020
• Symposium on the concept of mental toughness and its applications with athletes - Athletes Association - 2020
• The course of the international rescue coach number EGy-18-001
• Course of massaging and playground hitting – Syndicate of Sports Professions.
• Course of massaging and accidents – Alwesam international hospital
• Course of supporting disabled people - High institute of specific studies (AL haram).
• Course of trainers for disabled – American embassy in Cairo.
• First aid course - American Red Cross
• First aid course - Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University
• First Aid Trainer Course - American Heart Association
• Diploma in Sports Medicine, Tanta University - London International Academy - and the Syndicate of Sports Professions
• Course in Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy College.
• Special Trainer Course - Golds Academy of sports Sciences
Professional skills.
• Coaches Supervisor Al Qudra Sports Management (Abu Dhabi -UAE).
• Savior And swimming instructor (Al Ahly Club) 2002-2008.
• Certified Rescue Trainer No. 64 from the Egyptian Association for Diving and Rescue
• Savior And swimming instructor (Wadi degla Club).
• Graduated more than 1000 trainees who obtained a rescue license and prepared as swimming instructors.
• A registered athlete from the Sports Federation of Universities from 2005 to 2011
• Swimming instructor (House of military communication officers )
• Assistant technical director of swimming (House of artillery officers )2009
• Swimming instructor for special needs at Helwan sport club 2010.
• Occupational therapy specialist in the Egyptian society of autism.
• Lecturer of athletic training and physical rehabilitation in the Arab institution 2016
• Lecturer in the general syndicate of workers of special needs education.
• Lecturer and trainer of rescuing ad first aid in the Egyptian union of rescue and water safety.
• Founder and mmanager of Bani –Elnil association for sport development and social rehabilitation.
• Teacher of Sports Education at the School of Maharat -Sheikh Zayed- cairo


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