Tutor Aaron (Maths and Physical Sciences) - UCL & Imperial College Physics Graduate

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What you need to know
Aaron teaches Maths and Physical Sciences ONLINE. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

NOTE: Prices for university-level tuition vary based on the nature of the request

Background Information

University College London, Master Degree
MSc Physics - First Class Honours

Imperial College London, Bachelor Degree
BSc Physics – Upper Second Class Honours

Services Offered:
Interview Prep - Oxbridge engineering and Physics related subjects.
Uni Admission Exam - PAT, STEP, LSE UGAA, Critical Thinking, UCL UPC Maths Assessment and ICL
Subjects in A-level stage - Maths, Further Maths, Physics
Subjects on GCSE stage - Maths, Further Maths, Physics

Related Tutoring Experience
St Paul’s 11+: Ambitious student wanted to gain entry to St Paul’s School. Whilst the student had a strong grasp on the maths required, his English comprehension and analysis required improvement. Over four months of tuition the student’s English ability improved significantly, and the student was accepted into St Paul’s.

Westminster 13+: Student wanted to sit entry scholarship examination for Physics. Mathematically gifted, but needed help understanding fundamental physical concepts. We focused on springs, gravitation, and basic mechanics. Student received the scholarship.

IGCSE: Bright but undisciplined student wanted to attend The King’s School Chester, which required As in the subjects he wanted to study for A-levels. I tutored the student in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology. Student was predicted B, B, A respectively. The focus of the tuition was to get the student to explain the logic she used in answering questions: she would often fail to show adequate working out or reasoning on papers. After 3 months of tuition the student sat his IGCSEs. Student was awarded A*s in Mathematics and Physics, and an A in Biology.

IGCSE: Aspiring medical student required tuition for Chemistry. Using Mnemonics, student was able to learn the halogens, alkali metals, noble gases, and define their groups and atomic properties, as well as types of chemical bonding. Student was awarded an A*.

13th Grade (Canada): Student wanted to attend University of British Columbia, but required a higher GPA in Mathematics and Physics. Over a 6- month period the student, who used to come in the middle of his class on tests, became one of the top 10 students in his year. He currently attends UBC.

A-level: I tutored a pair of twins in Maths. One was predicted a C and the other a B. Although they understood the Pure Mathematics modules, they struggled with Mechanics and Statistics. Lessons were structured such that half the time was spent rigorously going over a certain topic, and the other half the students would attempt questions based on the topic. Over a 3-month period both students improved enormously. They both attained an A.

Cancellation Policy
Our standard cancellation policy is that cancellations within 24 hrs may still be charged at the full rate. It is at the discretion of the tutor, and the circumstances are taken into consideration. We tend to advise tutors to give the benefit of the doubt to the client in the first instance, and politely remind them, then they are fully in their right to charge for repeat offenses, but they must notify the client they will do so so it isn't a surprise bill.


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