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Arya tutors ONLINE for ages 11+ up to Undergraduate Students. He teaches Medicine, Biology and Chemistry. Once you choose your booking option and complete your booking, the company will call you within 1 business day to schedule your class based on your availability.

NOTE: Prices for university-level tuition vary based on the nature of the request

Background Information

Arya is a fifth year medical student with over 5 years of tuition experience. He is aspecialist in tutoring Biology and Chemistry up to A-level standard and Physics up to a GCSE standard. He also specialise in various aspects of the
medical application process from personal statements and entrance exams (UCAT and BMAT), to interview preparation. He also tutors 11+, 13+ and 16+.

2020-Present - University College London - MSc. Clinical Neuroscience
2017-Present - King ’s College London - Medicine MBBS-BMAT: 8 8.5 5A UCAT: 860 average with SJT Band 1
2014-2016 - Matthew Arnold School - Advanced Levels

Work Experience
2019-2020. Dunton road Residential Home - Activity Engagement Volunteer
2016-2017 Oxenford House Care home - Volunteer
2013-2016 Marston Court Care home - Volunteer
2018-2020 Tutor Front - Tutor
2017-Present Private Tutor - In my capacity as a private tutor, I’ve tutored over
43 students in the past 4 years. 15 were purely for BMAT, UCAT or the medical interview process, 22 were for A-Level Biology and Chemistry, and 6 were for GCSE Biology and Chemistry

Related Tutoring Experience
To provide some insight into my approach and experience as a tutor I have provided details on a sample of 4 students

2019-2020 Matilde - Deptford Green School - A-Level Biology - Matilde came to me
with the specific goal of improving her grade so she could reach the requirements of her football scholarship to study medicine in America. I found that she had good exam technique but her subject knowledge was below average. We created a plan to cover her AS and A-Level from the beginning and I found that she was a very visual learner so we concentrated on diagrams to improve her subject knowledge. By the end of our sessions Matilde had improved greatly and she has just started her course this August

2019-Present Amar - Abingdon Senior School - GCSE Biology and Chemistry - Amar
needed a tutor to help him on his exam technique and content. He had very low confidence and struggled with memorising. I spent the first few lessons figuring out how Amar would learn best and also introducing him to memory techniques that commonly work. I found what worked best with him was constant repetition and the use of the 3:2:1 flashcards method. I altered my lessons plans to include 10 minutes to remind him of everything we’d gone through the previous lessons and to keep him engaged I created a lightening round quiz at the end of each lesson which helped improve his confidence. Recently his mum told me that the school had noted a big
change in his engagement in lessons and his grades have steadily improved

2018-2020 Sara - Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School - A-Level Biology - Sara
was struggling with Biology but had done well in her GCSE. She wanted to be a Marine biologist and was determined to improve her grade from a D to a B to achieve her dream. She found concentrating difficult and this presented me with a challenge in how to keep her engaged throughout our lessons. I decided to put aside 5 minutes at the end of each lesson to go through a marine biology topic or video I thought she would find interesting. This improved her productivity throughout the rest of the lesson and this autumn she’s started her marine biology course at Plymouth university

2020-Present Liam - Harris Academy - A-Level Biology - When I started teaching Liam, he didn’t just need a tutor he needed a teacher. His school had an unexpected absence that left his year 12 biology class with only substitutes so Liam was heavily struggling with content. I realised to be able to cover as much content as possible in our limited time, I would need to set Liam lots of homework and self study. In addition
to this I created a google docs sheet where Liam could, throughout the week, write any questions or difficulties with topics he had encountered, which we could then cover during our lessons. Due to the Pandemic we moved our lessons online but most recently Liam had a successful mock at school, with his grade moving from a C to a low A

Cancellation Policy
Our standard cancellation policy is that cancellations within 24 hrs may still be charged at the full rate. It is at the discretion of the tutor, and the circumstances are taken into consideration. We tend to advise tutors to give the benefit of the doubt to the client in the first instance, and politely remind them, then they are fully in their right to charge for repeat offenses, but they must notify the client they will do so so it isn't a surprise bill.


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