Wellbeing Workshop Series

Crimson Chambers, Sustainable City
Nov 12-Dec 3 | 10 AM - 11.15 AM | Sundays
All Ages
AED 150

Selected Booking Option: 1 Session = 150 AED


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Yoga - Mindfulness - Lifestyle - Coaching

Indulge in a transformative experience that combines the healing powers of yoga, mindfulness, an array of invaluable lifestyle tips and the empowering techniques of coaching.

Delve into the world of yoga, where a fusion of postures and breathing techniques fosters a profound connection between body and mind.

Discover the art of mindfulness and learn to use the power of the 'now' to find the calmness in the eye of the hurricane.

Embark on a transformative path guided by a wealth of lifestyle tips that promote holistic well-being, enabling you to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Elevate your journey with the guidance of coaching, where kinesthetic intelligence meets with personal development on the mat.

Nov 12th - 10-11:15 am
Empowerment Yoga - Trust
Flow yoga meets with coaching.
Personal development on the mat.

Nov 19th - 10-11:15 am
Nervous System regulation techniques.
Some tips for better sleep quality.

Nov 26th - 10-11:15 am
Focused Attention
Vinyasa Flow with breath attention.
Fierce self-compassion to act.

Dec 3rd - 10-11:15 am
Mindful Movement
Slow Flow Yoga with mindfulness practice and 'Loving kindness'


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